Leicestershire 1887-88

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Who lived where, and what did they do?

An absolute goldmine for the Family and Local Historian, This genealogical CD has hundreds of pages of fascinating information, comprising, under a lucid arrangement of subjects, a General Survey of the County, and seperate historical, Statistical, and Topographical description of all the Hundreds, Liberties, Unions, Boroughs, Towns, Ports, parishes, Townships, Villages and Hamlets, shewing their extent and population; their agriculture, manufactures, fisheries, markets, fairs, trade and commerce; their charities and public institutions; their churches and chapels; the annual value, and the patrons, and incumbents of the benefices; the tithe commutations; the lords of the manors and owners of the soil; the civil and ecclesiastical jurisdictions; the addresses of the inhabitants; the mediums of public conveyance, by land and water; the seats of nobility and gentry; magistrates and public officers; and a variety of other agricultural, statistical, and biographical information.

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